Community and App same Login? Error on Mac

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  • Version of your operating system: MacOS 10.14.5
  • Version of OneDock: Find out here. (N.N.)
  • Type of network (company, public, private): Company
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I registered with the community and tried to login into oneDock.

  1. Copy Paste on Mac seems not to work
  2. After typing my credentials into the login screen (same as community) I got the wrong password error.

Is the login for the community and for oneDock itself different?

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Hi Lyn,

thank you for your interest in testing OneDock and joining our Community!

At the moment users have to register for the OneDock app and the OneDock community seperately.
Here you can find information how to register for the OneDock app: 1. Sign up for OneDock (sign up, activate your account and log in for the first time).

Have a nice day!